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[ ImeMyself eyewear ] fork knife spoon for handmade frames

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    [ImeMyself eyewear] top quality 304 stainless steel tableware, fork spoon beefsteak knife bread knife, gift for spectacles, handmade prescription frames or sunglasses

    Food-security top quality stainless steel tableware, made of SUS304 class stainless steel, same premium quality of tableware for six-star hotel executive suite

    The tableware’s measurements are as below:

    fork: Length/width/depth 20.7*2.3*1 cm

    spoon: Length /width/depth 21.5*4.2*1 cm

    bread knife: Length /width/depth 21.8*0.5*2.2 cm

    beefsteak knife: Length /width/depth 24*0.5*1.5 cm

    Our logo, website address, and phone number are laser-carved on the grip.

    The price of per item in international boutiques is around $39 USD, but we offer you the special price $10 USD per item, and $33 USD per set (total 4 items).

    If you purchase four pairs of glasses in ImeMyself eyewear Amazon shop at a time, beside getting $20 USD discount off the total charge, you can also receive one item of the tableware for free.

    Regular customers coming back to buy three more pairs of glasses can also get one item of the tableware for free. (Tell us which of the four items you like or we will randomly choose one for you). (Please give us your name and address to prove that you’re our regular customer).

    Four of our round shape magnet VIP cards collected can be redeemed for one item of the tableware for free.

    Attention please, new buyers can usually get only one gift at one purchase. What gifts you get depend on how many items you buy at one time. Separated purchases can’t be accumulated to calculate for more or bigger gifts. However you can collect our round shape magnet VIP cards and make them redeemed for the gifts after you have accumulated the VIP cards to a certain number. (I’m-serious questions are welcome at the Q&A column)

    Anyone buying from us is guaranteed that we will send the glasses or the goods on the way to you the day the order is confirmed.

    Welcome to our official website alex2000tw.tw for more glasses to search or buy. ( Use Google to search ImeMyself Eyewear or 信義計劃眼鏡, you’ll find our website. )

    We are law-abiding and trustworthy; you will receive authentic, brand new, and genuine glasses for sure. 

    If you ever come to Taipei, rain or shine, 365 days round the year, you are always welcome to drop by our eyewear shop near the 101 skyscraper to try our 8000 styles of unique, eye opening, and amazing glasses. 

    Call 910074595 or visit us at 2F.-3, No.23, Ln. 215, Sec. 5, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan;

    Call 928386177 of our branch shop at 5F., No.921, Dadun Rd., Taichung City 407, Taiwan