Christine Dior CD rimless glasses frames spectacles 迪奧 眼鏡 眼镜

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    [ ImeMyself eyewear ] gifts for spectacles, handmade prescription frames, or sunglasses


    Authentic, brand new, and unique Christian Dior rimless frame for prescription


    Rx prescription applicable (They can be used as optical frames for prescription.)


    (with original glasses case, lens cleaning cloth, bag,and delicate screw driver attached )


    CP ratio (Cost/Performance ratio) higher than the same frame in other eyewear shops all over the world


    model: CD3692 (rimless)   width: 13.2  height: 3.1 cm  ( you can decide the shape to be bigger or smaller)  Frame Made in Italy 


    tag price: 479  USD   our best price: 99 USD 


    More than 100 models of Christian Dior frames and sunglasses are now available in our eyewear studio. You’re always welcome to drop by and try them on. Most of them cost you only $99 to $129 USD. You can bid here in eBay for other models you want. If you want any other model, just tell us to revise the title, the content, and the price for you. Any inquiry will be soon replied. 


    Gather your rose buds while you may; check out the glasses before it's too late. Welcome!

    ImeMyself Eyewear free prescription lenses coupons to give away.(1.56  anti-uv anti-radiation multi-coated non spherical surface lenses, thinner and lighter than the traditional ones)

    If you come to visit our eyewear base near MRT Taipei city hall station and buy any pair of prescription frame at whatever price, you can get one free lenses coupon. The more you buy; the even more you get.

    Even if you just buy one pair of frame at the low price of 600 TWD ( $19 USD),you can still get the coupon valued up to 4000 TWD ( $116 to $129 USD )

    (“I’m serious” questions are welcome at the Q&A column)

    Anyone buying from us is guaranteed that we will send the glasses or the goods on the way to you the day the payment is confirmed.

    Welcome to our official website alex2000tw dot tw for more glasses to search or buy. ( Use Google to search
     ImeMyself Eyewear or 信義計劃眼鏡, you’ll find our website. )

    Foreign buyers can purchase in our website through PayPal now.  

    1: Select Google language at the up right corner of the home page.
    2: Signup or login as a member- - just beside the Google language option icon.
    3: Search at the left window the product you want by entering key words.
    4: put the items you want into the shopping cart.
    5: Click the shopping cart icon at the up right corner of the homepage- - just beside the Google language option icon.
    6: Confirm your contact information to make sure the package will reach you without delay. 
    7: Select the shipping method. 
    8: Select the payment method as PayPal, and then finish the payment.

    As soon as the payment is confirmed, 
    we will ship the authentic glasses on the way to you right on the day you pay

    We are law-abiding and trustworthy; you will receive authentic, brand new, and original glasses for sure.

    We will offer you the tracking number, the package content photos, and the inquiring website after the shipment.

    If you ever come to Taipei, rain or shine, 365 days round the year, you are always welcome to drop by our eyewear shop near the 101 skyscraper to try our 8000 styles of unique, eye opening, and amazing glasses. (We're open 12:30 to 7:30 PM)

    Take the taxi or take the MRT. Out of the MRT Taipei city hall station exit 4,take no turns and walk directly along Zhong xiao E. Rd. about 50 meters. Then turn left to Ln. 215 when you see a kindergarten named Ching-phon (
    慶豐). Our shop is on the right side of the lane,just next to a beef noodle restaurant and a lottery shop. Walk in a canopy and push the black ring bell on the left. We are on the second floor. If you can't find us, just call and we will send one assistant to guide you. (You can also ask any pedestrian or passer-by to get help.)

    The parking lot is just beside our building. 15 TWD or 0.48 USD / half an hour 

    Call +eight eight six 910074595 or visit us at 2F.-3, No.23, Ln. 215, Sec.5, Zhong xiao E. Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan

    Attention please! Several scam clans have repeatedly misappropriated our frame photos to swindle internet users by tempting with unbelievable low prices. Many victims have suffered in Mos-set (I don't sell anything there and that's not my account). If you see the same glasses photos tagged with lower prices than ours, it’s fraud. Please protect yourselves from being fooled.Thank you!