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[文閲原版]讓他乞求你的注意 英文原版 Make Him Beg for Your Attention


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    • ISBN編號: 9781494718381
    • 作者: Bruce Bryans
    • 出版時間: 2013-12-18
    • 副書名: 讓他乞求你的注意
    • 出版社名稱: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platf
    • 進口書分類: 兩性/男女
    • 語言: 英文

    Make Him Beg for Your Attention: 75 Communication Secrets for Captivating Men to Get the Love and Commitment You Deserve

    出版社: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform (2013年12月18日)

    平裝: 116頁

    語種: 英語

    ISBN: 1494718383

    條形碼: 9781494718381

    商品尺寸: 12.7 x 0.7 x 20.3 cm

    商品重量: 122 g

    ASIN: 1494718383

    [文閲原版]讓他乞求你的注意 英文原版 Make Him Beg for Your Attention[文閲原版]讓他乞求你的注意 英文原版 Make Him Beg for Your Attention[文閲原版]讓他乞求你的注意 英文原版 Make Him Beg for Your Attention[文閲原版]讓他乞求你的注意 英文原版 Make Him Beg for Your Attention[文閲原版]讓他乞求你的注意 英文原版 Make Him Beg for Your Attention[文閲原版]讓他乞求你的注意 英文原版 Make Him Beg for Your Attention


    Discover the Feminine Quality That Makes Him Crave Your Attention

    Chances are, you've read just about everything you can on how to keep a man interested in you. Women's magazines often give advice like "be your best self," "focus on you," or "put on that mini-skirt he loves." While these things do work to keep a man interested, they're surface level tactics that only work temporarily.

    Women who know how to keep a man happy understand what men secretly want in a woman. These women are irresistible not because of their looks, but because they possess one feminine quality that make men crave their attention.

    High-quality men, the ones that desire true commitment from a woman, desperately yearn for the company of a woman who understandshow to keep him captivated by her.

    So what is the secret to getting a man to crave your attention What do men secretly want in a woman

    It's simple...

    Graceful communication.

    How to Talk to a Man and Keep Him Helplessly Attracted to You

    If you've ever had a man shut you out or shut down on you during a disagreement it's because you failed to communicate respectfully. If you want to be able to communicate your needs and wants to a man without him losing his temper or ignoring you completely, you must learn how to talk to a mangracefully.

    If a man doesn't feel respected when you communicate with him it's impossible to connect with him on an intimate level. And without that intimate connection, there's nothing you can do to keep him captivated by you.

    To achieve lasting intimacy with a woman, a man needs to feel emotionally secure with her. But if a woman fails to communicate respectfully, he won't feel confident sharing his whole heart with her.

    Become the Only Woman He Opens Up and Listens to

    Men give their undivided attention to those who respect them. If a man doesn't feel respected communicating with you, he'll find the respect he needs elsewhere. The woman who knows how to communicate with men can influence the man she wants without resorting to "that mini-skirt he loves."

    A man craves the attention of a graceful woman who knows exactly what to say to him, when to say it, and most importantly, how to say it to get what SHE wants. Men love being gracefully influenced by the woman they adore

    If you're interested in learning how to talk to a man so that he opens up to you, listens to you, and willingly gives you what you want without a fuss, this book will help you to communicate with men more effectively.

    Here's what you're going to learn inside:

    Discover how to tell him exactly what's on your mind without turning him off.

        Learn how to communicate what you want and need from him, and make him HAPPY to give it to you.

        Find out the four most powerful words good men desperately need to hear from the woman they love.

        Discover how to have difficult conversations with him without making him resent or resist you.

        Learn how to be a good wife or girlfriend by being more assertive (attractive) with your man without being aggressive (unattractive).

        Find out how to understand the masculine mind and speak his language so that he FEELS exactly what you say to him.

        How to get him to fall in love with you immediately AFTER an intense argument.

        Uncover the secrets to making him to open up emotionally and get the deep, intimate connection you desperately want with him.

        And much, much more...

    Would You Like to Know More

    Get started right away and learn how to communicate with a man so that he listens to you, opens up to you, and deeply craves your attention.

    Scroll to the top of the page and select the 'buy button' now.